How do I become a member?

Becoming a member is simple, on the menu on the home page simply click on the "Membership Application" tab and follow the instructions.

Do I need a registered bike?

No, as all our competition events are held on private property no registration is required. However if you want to attend a club trail ride or participate in Stockmans Rally a registered bike is a must.

How do I get my race licence?

To participate in any official Motorcycling Victoria (MV) or Motorcycling Australia (MA) event including MCRCV events you need to be the holder of a current National Competition Licence. Click here for more info on How To Apply For A Competition Licence

How do I enter a race?

The club lets its members know either via email or you can check the website for event dates. Once you are a member you can click on the "race entry" tab on the home page and complete the online entry.

Which class would I enter?

It's important to remember that with aged based classes your age is taken as of 1st January in the current year. View MCRCV classes here.

I am a junior, do I need to do any training?

All juniors aged 15 and under (at January 1st in the current year) need to complete the appropriate training to be able to apply for a MA licence. The MCRCV runs courses for our junior members, contact the club to see when the next course is.

When is the race season?

Our competition events usually run from February/March through to November.

How many events are there throughout the year?

We aim to run about 7 to 8 competition events throughout the year plus non competition trail rides and the Stockmans Rally.